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Tax consultancy

Tax consultancy

Taxative provides high quality tax advice to small and medium-sized enterprises, housing associations, real estate agents, real estate investors and developers, director and major shareholders, foundations and holding companies and, of course, to private individuals.


We are experts in the field of transfer tax and VAT on real estate.
We can also provide you with advice on all matters related to corporate tax and opportunities for tax relief.

We will be able to effectively determine the director and major shareholder’s tax position regarding the customary pay regime and salary of the director and principal shareholder. We offer advice on business succession planning, liabilities and equity matters.

We can provide wealthy private individuals advice in terms of donations, bequests, wealth structuring and capital transfer.


Do you need advice on how to transfer capital to family or charity? We can offer you targeted advice and support, allowing you to take the appropriate fiscal and legal measures.

Tax consultancy

We can manage all tax affairs of private and high net worth individuals, companies and sole proprietors. We will explain to you what your tax position is and clarify the options and conditions to claim allowable deductions on your tax return. Sole proprietors and self-employed will be provided with insight into their tax position and opportunities.

Taxative offers advice on:

  • Strategic tax planning and structuring
  • International private investment planning
  • Business acquisitions
  • Transfer of property to descendants
  • Capital structuring¬†
  • Estate planning

Needless to say, we deliver high-quality, professional services. We keep a sharp eye on your affairs. Naturally, we also have deep knowledge of the current tax law. We take a solid practical approach and will efficiently take care of any tax issues. We act proactively. Finally, our communications lines are short, service mindedness is simply in our DNA, and we all enjoy our work.

Tax return

Naturally, we can complete and file all your tax returns: income tax, corporation tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, dividend tax and turnover tax. Our tax consultants provide clear advice and guidance about the tax rules, tax law and tax relief options. Finally, we will carry out your provisional or final tax assessment, which is imposed by the Tax and Customs Administration, ensuring that you will not overpay. We can also manage your provisional refund, e.g. if you have purchased an owner-occupied dwelling.



We offer advice to expatriates on emigration or immigration-related financial matters, applications for the 30% expatriation allowances facility and associated compliance monitoring, and complete and file their income tax returns (M-forms).

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Please contact us for a free initial consultation. Looking for a tax specialist to handle your affairs? Would you like us to complete your income tax return or other tax returns? Do you not want to overpay? Do you have a tax problem? We provide the necessary support in correcting difficult issues with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.
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